Sunset Acquisition

by Scaphist

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released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Scaphist Auckland, New Zealand

Scaphist is a blackened death metal band thematically influenced by ancient Persian culture based in Auckland New Zealand. The band gives a relentless but sophisticated treatment of ancient Persian concepts. With each additional venue desecrated and audio heresy released, Scaphist continues to solidify itself as a formidable element of the metal landscape. ... more

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Track Name: Bring Forth Sacred Flames
unto fire
with fuel in hand
bestow purification

rise sacred entities
manifest thought
to which I entreat
flesh shall burn
cloud consciousness
obscure thought
in clouds of
obnoxious fumes

engulfed in purity
I sat upon
the scorched pedestal
thick ashes rising upwards
encircling this temple

ohr mazd
bring forth
sacred flames
die by the
living stream
from distant stars
ohr mazd
bring forth
scorching wisdom

thus spoke
he who lay before
the destruction of evil
his spark reigns
ever lit
through the years
of corruption

bring forth
the lowest of flame
conjure atash dadgah

bring forth
the fire of fires
conjure atash adaran

as man's conflict
draws to conclude

from sacred flames
embers entwined
atash behram
Track Name: Sculptures In Shadow
ever watchful eyes gaze forth
upon arches cast in flame
mountainous effigies
of sorrow and depiction

yielding the jagged crown
sprawled on the desert sands
cradling figures
to detest thee

immortalized in stone
ceramic faces of terror
majestic entities
stare down in awe

and so I bathe in
tears of my kingdom
passed forth from
my ancestors time

lay down
lay down thy grief

is my might
is my sight
sculptures in shadow
Track Name: Impaled Upon Pinnacles
echoes in the vastness
cries from the condemned
thou subject of punishment
worthless till the end

ever to remain
in her cradling arms
goddess awake
ever to lie
sprawled beneath the earth
goddess betray

guide ye all
by virtue of birth

adorning staircases
of sand-scorched bronze
these pikes
thy lifeless husks
shall rest upon

pierced upon
sculptures of magnificence
instigate slavery
through our mechanism

drained of all dignity

impaled upon the pinnacles
of the chapel of knowledge
thou wretched vermin
stain the glass
with their putrid blood
let the skies bleed on them

witness thy deceit
the winged lion slain
pierced by
a snake of deception
flung from thy siege engine

who shall defy
those who shall remain

generations of fools
ye who embraced fear
and fled from the lands
malice and the spear
sought to claim

guide ye all to witness
thy legions of torment
gaze upon completion
of the greater realm
guide thyselves
to the gallows
Track Name: Bridge Of Sand And Skies
as the suns rays
blare on your skin
ever you remain
in the tomb of your kin

appear before me
the birds of death circle above
show me your secrets
show me your weakness

their perfumes are replaced
by the stench of dead subordinates

we gather at the bridge of sand and skies
we gather at the place that you despise
now perish
bleeding fools
pray for mercy
it’s no use

kings of old
rejoice for me
to your ruler
bow shall ye
submit to this chastity
their unholy wisdom
vetted unto me

these bodies we lay on the hill
slaves to the gatherings devouring will

at the bridge of sand and skies


this is your secret
this is your weakness
their perfumes are replaced
by the stench of rotting subordinates
the birds of death return
Track Name: The Uncreated One
conjuror of faint lights
creator of dead flames
in shadows of the sun
dance in ancient motion

hear ye exalted
shaded from omniscience
flee thy crimson shelter
let none shape the earth

transcended obligation
of nobility and splendor
through sculpted veins
flows upheld reasoning

despite her control
deny her yet exist

the circle of her life
whose vision is complete
let halls lie desolate sprawled with the ignorant

conjuror of faint lights
creator of dead flames
in shadows of the sun
dance in ancient motion
Track Name: Heraldic Verses
journeys made
by the countless dead
rediscovered ancestral sins
approaching from a sky
with no name
an ancient truth's awakening

fear for the black carrion's arrival
flagellated through past and present's course
travelling downwards towards the underworld

we manifested beings
we the planets as cells
contemplating starlight
fear for the black carrion's arrival

luminous guarded misfortune
laying on the lake of their tomb
propagation to their bed of sticks
cover their flesh with locusts

our kinds parasitic hold
insidious viral grasp
repression of modern morals
swamped by sheer delusion
rise now ascended masters
towards the distant root
awaken from your prison

o tremble man
o change man
behold omnipotence
we be not dissimilar
the awakened consciousness
an uncreated wisdom
shall forever remain
thy enemy

sets inscribed
and we ascending
combined we are radiant
bodies bound broken
flung into a boat
meaningless life
plunged into oblivion
man's predisposition as slaves
instigated by false needs
laid forth as mere collateral
gouged hearts bared forth
pure judgement
heraldic verses